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        Market Making

        Expertise Opens Markets

        It takes expertise to make markets where few other firms will. We leverage our expertise and our global reach to offer trading in more than 2,200 OTC issues. In 2015, our Market Making desk trading totaled $21 billion in dollar value – making us the number one OTC execution firm in the world.1 We specialize in ADRs, foreign shares and ETF’s. In fact, the Broker Dealer Division of INTL FCStone Financial Inc. has been responsible for introducing 50 percent of all such new issues to the OTC Pink Market since 2011.

        It also takes commitment to make markets. That’s why we put capital behind our client orders to ensure they find the matches they require. It’s no wonder the most sophisticated financial institutions on the globe – including some of our competitors – trust us to go into the most challenging markets and fill their toughest orders.

        Product Specialties

        • ADRs
        • GDRs
        • Foreign ordinary shares
        • ETFs (including block trading)
        • Listed, OTC Pink, and Gray Market Securities
        • Custom order management parameters
        • Local market execution
        • Custom trade reports and analytics

        Program & Basket Trading

        • Bulk Order Management
        • Dollar Neutrality
        • Algorithmic Trading
        • Custom Benchmarks
        • Pre and Post Trade Analytics

        Technology Opens Markets

        Plenty of firms tout their technology, but our technology exists for one purpose above all: To generate efficiencies that we can pass on to our clients. Built for speed and flexibility, our electronic trading systems allow us to tailor tools and content to suit client needs – from simple to sophisticated. Clients can access our inventories and market-making services through our own portals and via popular third-party platforms. In addition to trading tools, we can also offer real-time wealth management and advisory tools and services.

        System Highlights

        Order Routing:

        • ACES
        • BNET
        • FNET
        • EMSX
        • NYFIX
        • Other FIX gateways

        Portal Compatibility:

        • Bloomberg
        • TradeWeb Retail
        • KCG Bondpoint
        • BondTrac
        • TheMuniCenter

        Source: Bloomberg RANK disclosed volume

        Meet the Team

        Orlando, FL
        329 Park Avenue North
        Suite 350
        Winter Park, FL 32789
        Tel: +1 (800) 541-1977


        Miami, FL
        1221 Brickell Ave
        Suite 2500
        Miami, FL 33131
        Tel: +1 (305) 925-4975


        New York, NY
        155 East 44th Street
        15th Floor
        New York, NY 10017
        Tel: +1 (212) 766-0100


        Our privacy policy has changed. View our privacy policy to learn more. 

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