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        OTC Products

        Over-the-counter (OTC) products are available through INTL FCStone Markets, LLC (IFM). OTC products are designed to deliver benefits similar to exchange-traded futures and options, but can offer customizable terms (e.g. non-standard quantities, strike prices, expiration dates, etc.) that align more closely with a customer’s unique hedging needs. They can range in complexity from swaps, which behave like conventional futures and options, to structured products, in which multiple contracts combine to pursue a larger strategy. In all cases, OTC products aim to create more flexible, customizable solutions for each customer’s specific needs.

        Experience matters

        IFM was one of the first non-bank company registered provisionally as a swap dealer with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. IFM market makers draw on backgrounds in banking, commodity futures trading and physical merchandising, and on perspectives gained both on exchange floors and in multi-screen, algorithmic trading environments. This gives us a unique view into the markets – and helps us identify potential opportunities.

        Solutions across the commodity complex

        Today, IFM serves customers looking to manage their exposure and find liquidity in grains, softs, energy, dairy, livestock, metals, lumber, pulp, and other commodities, as well as foreign currencies and interest rates. For customers, product quotes are available through our brokers, or can be requested through our online SPOC tool.  If you trade these markets, we encourage you to learn the benefits of OTC products, what types of instruments are available, and how your FCM broker and IFM can help customers find the most suitable solutions for their risk management needs.

        Trading over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives is not suitable for all investors and involves substantial risk.  INTL FCStone Markets, LLC (“IFM”), a subsidiary of INTL FCStone Inc., is a member of the National Futures Association and provisionally registered with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) as a swap dealer.  IFM’s products are designed only for individuals or firms who qualify under CFTC rules as an ‘Eligible Contract Participant’ (“ECP”) and who have been accepted as customers of IFM.  Any recipient of this material who wishes to express an interest in trading with IFM must first prequalify as an ECP, independently determine that derivatives are suitable for them and be accepted as a customer of IFM.  Trading over-the-counter (“OTC”) products or “swaps” involves substantial risk of loss. This is not an offer to buy or sell any derivative. This material does not constitute investment research and does not take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situations, or needs of individual clients or recipients of this material.  You are directed to seek independent investment and tax advice in connection with derivatives trading.

        Please click here for our full disclaimer. 

        Meet the Team

        Chicago, IL
        230 South LaSalle Street
        Suite 10-500
        Chicago, IL 60604
        Tel: +1 (312) 789-2516


        Our privacy policy has changed. View our privacy policy to learn more. 

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