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        FX Position Reporting & Clearing

        The fourth step is to clear the customer business by generating daily customer statements, marking positions to market and manage the customer's daily cash positions. The seasoned team of risk professionals at INTL FCStone Markets, LLC (IFM) --  generates daily statements for OTC positions, calculates initial and variation margins, and manages customer exposures. IFM is a U.S.-based CFTC registered swap dealer subject to applicable CFTC swap dealer rules and regulations.


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        Meet the Team

        Chicago, IL
        230 South LaSalle Street
        Suite 10-500
        Chicago, IL 60604
        Tel: +1 (312) 780-6951


        S?o Paulo, Brazil
        Rua Joaquim Floriano
        413 - 14th Floor Itaim Bibi
        S?o Paulo, SP
        Tel: +55 11 3509-5400


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