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        FX Hedge Design

        The next step is to establish a set of risk management hedge strategies that will effectively meet all the company's objectives and efficiently mitigate client risk exposures. Using a wide range of FX derivatives, currency risk can be managed at low cost and with appropriate and suitable risk/reward characteristics. INTL FCStone Markets, LLC makes markets in a wide variety of OTC FX derivatives including: spot/forwards, NDFs, options (exotic, vanilla and binaries/digitals), and structured products. These instruments can be customized to directly offset currency exposures and provide for a variety of desirable payout profiles when combined with customers’ existing exposures.


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        Meet the Team

        Chicago, IL
        230 South LaSalle Street
        Suite 10-500
        Chicago, IL 60604
        Tel: +1 (312) 780-6951


        S?o Paulo, Brazil
        Rua Joaquim Floriano
        413 - 14th Floor Itaim Bibi
        S?o Paulo, SP
        Tel: +55 11 3509-5400


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