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        Argentine Asset Management

        Our accomplished team of investment professionals focuses on developing innovative financial products and dynamic portfolio management solutions that combine asset protection and transparency with operational ease.

        It starts with our belief that an active approach to management – informed by changing market demand – can improve performance. We then leverage the global resources of our parent company to deliver a full suite of products and services that spans multiple asset classes.

        More than anything, however, we pride ourselves on providing excellent client service. For example, we share our asset management performance figures with clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This helps ensure that our clients benefit from a market view that’s comprehensive, objective and transparent.

        INTL Gainvest S.A., Management Agent of Mutual Fund Collective Investment Products No. 23 of the National Securities Commission, offers clients the possibility to invest in 14 mutual funds – ranging from fixed income to equity mutual funds. As of March 2016, these funds totaled to close to AR$ under management.

        For more information, you can also visit http://www.gainvest.net/

        Meet the Team

        Buenos Aires, Argentina
        Sarmiento 459
        9no piso y 10mo piso
        (CI041AAI) Capital Federal, Argentina
        Tel: +54 11 4390 7595


        Our privacy policy has changed. View our privacy policy to learn more. 

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