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        Forest Products


        Softwood lumber is among the world’s most volatile traded commodities. The INTL FCStone Forest Products Group has significant experience in creating customized solutions to successfully manage a broad spectrum of risks impacting the forest industry. We have developed programs for companies all along the lumber supply chain, including producing mills, wholesale/distribution and end users.  For integrated producers, tools are available to stabilize pulp, linerboard, newsprint, and recycled product prices.

        Through the Integrated Risk Management Program (IRMP), INTL FCStone provides companies with the solutions, tools and platforms necessary to meet budgets, stabilize input prices and secure margins. Our extensive databases and detailed quantitative analyses on your sales and purchases allow us to provide measurable bottom-line results.

        The Forest Products Group also has access to specialists that can help mitigate exposure to volatile energy prices, fuel surcharges and foreign exchange rates. 

        The trading of commodities and derivatives such as futures, options, and swaps involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. Advisory services as well as the trading of futures and options is available through various subsidiaries including but not limited to the FCM Division of INTL FCStone Financial Inc.  Public Disclosures for the FCM Division of INTL FCStone Financial Inc. The trading of over-the-counter products or swaps is available through subsidiary INTL FCStone Markets, LLC to individuals or firms who qualify under CFTC rules as an eligible contract participant. Please click here for the full disclaimer

        Meet the Team

        Kansas City, MO
        1251 NW Briarcliff Parkway
        Suite 800
        Kansas City, MO 64116
        Tel: +1 (816) 410-3312


        Our privacy policy has changed. View our privacy policy to learn more. 

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